What is Sober Living?

A Supportive Sober Environment

Alcohol and drug free housing, also known as sober living, plays an important role in supporting treatment and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Sober living helps individuals in recovery to maintaining an alcohol and drug free lifestyle by establishing a living environment that supports sobriety and recovery. When living in a sober environment, recovering addicts are surrounded by others who share a common experience and who support one another in their sobriety.

While in sober living, residents are required to participate in NA/AA meetings and other group activities that help them maintain their sobriety. Members of the house provide support for one another through daily conversations, one-on-one meetings with the House Managers, and through house organized meetings that promote sobriety and recovery. Neither Jeffrey's House Inc., it's employees, nor it's residents provide any treatment, recovery, or detoxification services.

Our Mission

Jeffrey's House is a 501(c) (3) public charity that provides residential sober housing for individuals in recovery from a substance abuse disorder, by grouping them with like minded individuals in a drug and alcohol -free environment.



Fitchburg, Massachusetts is 46 miles from Boston, 27 miles from Worcester, 40 miles from Manchester, NH, and 211 miles from New York City.

Drug Testing

All of our drug testing is done by our professionally trained House Managers. We use Multi-Drug Urine Test Panels, which are FDA approved and test for 12 of the most popular illicit drugs.

Current donations:  $30,110

"Better Living Through Sober Living"!


Jeffrey’s House is a sober working environment that provides stabilization and a supportive sober atmosphere for men and women.


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