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The Mark Summers Story

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Although I was never afflicted with the disease of drug and alcohol dependency, my commitment to sobriety goes back to my teenage years. It was in those years that I first observed my brother, Mark Summers, with whom I shared a bedroom for the first 18 years of my life, begin to destroy his life, with drugs and alcohol. His struggles have had a profound effect on my entire family. Mark is currently incarcerated in Massachusetts' prisons, and has been imprisoned off and on for over 25 years; yet he has never killed, raped, maimed, assaulted, or hurt a single person besides himself. I'm not suggesting that my brother is an innocent victim and that he's been, "Railroaded" by the system, however, I don't feel that Mark, or any other drug addict, who's stealing to support their habit, should receive long prison sentences as opposed to drug rehabilitation. I'm confident that if Mark had the proper drug detoxification, and if he had been placed in a facility such as Jeffrey's House, he would have never been incarcerated. He is the reason I started this venture!


I have a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts (BSLA) from Excelsior College in Albany New York, and I'm also a licensed Real Estate Broker, and licensed Construction Supervisor (builder). I've taken the passion that I have for  buying, selling, and rehabilitating, real estate and combined it with my desire to help my brother and those like him. As a result of combining my passions, I founded and preside over Jeffrey's House. We currently have five locations, and our goal is to continue to help as many people as possible, which will require us to open additional homes.

For every problem there is a viable solution

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If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's giving someone a ride to a meeting, painting walls of a newly repaired sober home, or collecting donations, we need you. Please call or email us to inform us of your availability.

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We're continually working hard to improve what we're doing as a staff so that we may better serve our clients. If we see any way in which to help our houses run more efficiently we immediately implement the necessary changes.

Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission: To provide residential Sober housing for individuals in recovery from a substance abuse disorder, by grouping them with like-minded people in a drug and alcohol-free environment.