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Social Worker and Director - Jeffrey Summers


For every problem there is a viable solution

Although I've never been afflicted with the disease of drug or alcohol dependency, my commitment to sobriety goes back to my teenage years. It was in those years that I first observed my brother, Mark Summers, with whom I shared a bedroom for the first 18 years of my life, begin to destroy his life, with drugs and alcohol. His struggles have had a profound effect on my entire family. Mark is currently incarcerated in a Massachusetts' prison, and has been imprisoned off and on for over 25 years; yet he has never killed, raped, maimed, assaulted, or hurt a single person besides himself.

 I'm not suggesting that my brother is an innocent victim or that he's been, "Railroaded" by the system, however, I don't feel that Mark, or any other drug addict, who's stealing to support their habit, should receive long prison sentences as opposed to drug rehabilitation. I'm confident that if Mark had the proper drug detoxification, and if he had been placed in a facility such as Jeffrey's House, he would have never been incarcerated. He is the reason I started this venture!   (
Read Cruel Justice, The Mark Summers Story)

I have a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts (BSLA) from Excelsior College in Albany New York, and I'm a licensed Social Worker. Social Workers advocate for the underprivileged, underserved, and marginalized, and the recovery community is a collection of people who are underprivileged, underserved, and marginalized. In addition, I am a licensed Real Estate Broker, and a Licensed Construction Supervisor (CSL).  I've taken the passion that I have for  buying, selling, and rehabilitating, real estate and combined it with my desire to help my brother and those like him. As a result of combining my passions, I founded and preside over Jeffrey's House. We currently have five locations, and our goal is to continue to help as many people as possible, which will require us to open additional homes.

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Our Staff

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House Manager

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House Manager

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House Manager

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House Manager

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Mission and Vision

It is our vision to stand out and separate ourselves from other sober houses with other rules and regulations by providing our residents with renovated, modern, and spacious, accommodations; at a very competitive rate, all while keeping them drug and alcohol-free. In addition we plan to open at least one additional house per year, for as long as our services are still needed.



Whether it is helping us to add additional space to our existing homes, or fix and rehabilitate new homes that we've acquired; volunteering is essential to our success. To date, volunteers have come to us from all walks of life. Some have come to us because they have a friend or relative that is currently in at Jeffrey's House, others have come to us because they just want to help out, and we also have had several individuals who've "volunteered" with us who've been mandated by the courts to do community service. What will your reason be for Volunteering?

Mission & Vision

How Jeffrey's House Works

Jeffrey's House is NOT a drug and alcohol clinic, hospital, or detoxification center; although statistics have proven that the services that sober houses such as ours, provide, are one of the most important elements of a successful recovery. We are not saying that all aspects of recovery aren't important, however, after you are discharged from the hospitals, clinics, and detox centers, is when the toughest part of your recovery begins, and that's where we come in. We currently have two houses that are located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, one each for men and women. Our houses are conveniently located near buses, trains, shopping, and restaurants. 

When we speak to recovering addicts, as we do on a regular basis, they tell us that the hardest part of recovery is when they're home alone, bored, or have idle time on their hands. Therefore our goal at Jeffrey's House is to ensure that you're NEVER alone in the house, NEVER bored in the house, and ALWAYS have something to do in the house. Having "something to do in the house", consist of mandatory household chores, cooking as a group, eating as a group, group discussions, board games, watching television, listening to music, cooking out in the back yard, etc. A large part of successful recovery is staying positively occupied.

In most instances, by the time you've made the decision to come to Jeffrey's House, or any other Sober Environment, you most likely are coming because of one of the following reasons: 1. You have exhausted all other housing options with family and friends, 2. You were recently incarcerated, are on probation, or parole, or 3. Your addiction has left you jobless and on the verge of homelessness. Whatever your circumstances were, as to the reason you came to Jeffrey's House, are irrelevant once you arrive. From that day forth, we are helping you to build your confidence, self esteem, character, and work ethic. We do this by remaining upbeat, positive, and working as a team to resolve any personal issues you have, as well as group issues that arise in the house. You are also building your confidence, self esteem, character, and work ethic, everyday that you don't use drugs or alcohol. This is assured by NA/AA meetings, group encouragement, and 3 mandatory drug test per week.

Before you began your recovery, you were frivolously wasting your money on drugs and alcohol, and some of you were committing illegal activities to support your habit. And at some point you stopped paying your required bills such as your mortgage, rent, car, credit cards, clothes, etc. Therefore, as part of your recovery you must be re-taught how to consistently pay your bills in a timely manner. Although Jeffrey's House, and all sober houses operate through a collective financial effort from residents, the other aspect of collecting money from you on a weekly basis, is to get you back into the "financial swing of things", so that you can once again be a productive and contributing member of society. You are recovering mentally, physically, and financially $$$$$$$$$.

At Jeffrey's House, we do not view our housing and its rules and regulations as either permanent or temporary, because each and every resident handles recovery differently. We've had some residents who haven't lasted one week, while others have been with us for two and three years. As long as a resident is doing all the things that we require them to do, and is continuing their sobriety, we want them to stay as long as they want. Contrary to that, if a resident is found to have used drugs or alcohol, isn't contributing to the house regarding chores or finances, or is negatively disturbing the house, we have to immediately ask them to leave. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch!

If we can be of assistance, please contact us at or 978.770.7288.

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