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  • What are the requirements to move into Jeffrey’s House?
    If you’re interested in moving into Jeffrey’s house, you must be able to able to pass a drug test. (Please see the Drug Test section on the home page at Additionally, you must submit a completed application and you must pay the amount of $450. This amount represents the first and last two weeks' rent at $150 per week. When a resident is ready to move out, a two-week notification is required, and no rent will be required for those two weeks. Jeffrey’s House has the right and the responsibility to search residents' belongings and the residents for illegal substances and inappropriate/hazardous items.
  • What is sober living?
    Sober living is a transitional form of group living that helps ease people intotheir new sober lives. During sober living, residents will learn invaluable skills that will drastically increase the chances of maintaining a fulfilling soberlife. It is less rigid in structure than a residential treatment program, but it provides numerous safety nets that you won’t receive when living alone; including curfews, random drug tests, mandatory NA/AA meetings, money management, etc.
  • Can sober living help get me off drugs and alcohol?
    Sober Living does not provide detoxification services. We are a residential house for individuals who are living free from drugs and alcohol.
  • What if I just need a place to live?
    Jeffrey’s House is limited to those who want to live free from drugs and alcohol. If you are just looking for a nice, inexpensive place to live, please pursue other housing options.
  • Who pays for utilities?
    Basic utilities are included in monthly rental fees. The basic utilities include garbage pick-up, water, electric, natural gas, maintenance, cable, internet, and telephone.
  • Do you conduct drug testing?
    In order to assure all residents the safety and stability of a drug and alcohol-free environment, drug testing is conducted regularly. If residents are unable to stay drug-free, they will be immediately expelled from the house.
  • Are drug tests given by the house or do you use a lab?
    You will be required to submit to at least one (1) drug tests per week, and although the test are administered by the house, they are done by trained professionals. We are currently using Multi-Drug Urine Test Panels, and we test for Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Bendiazepines, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methamphetamines, Ecstasy, Morphine, Methadone, Phencyclidine, Tricyclics, Oxycodone, and Alcohol.
  • Are residents required to participate in 12-Step Programs?
    Yes. Twelve-step involvement has proven to assure the most promising outcomes for a lasting recovery. Residents must be involved in community 12-step meetings and work with a sponsor. If needed, we will help residents identify local meetings and other support that they’re comfortable with.
  • Do you conduct referrals to therapy and psychiatric services?
    We do refer to appropriate outpatient programs, mental health services, and therapeutic counseling. However, we do not have any affiliations with any of the programs that we recommend; therefore we assume no responsibility.
  • Are residents’ medications monitored?
    Residents are required to alert us of all prescribed medications they’re taking upon assessment, and throughout residency. They are responsible for taking medications as prescribed; the staff and house manager are involved only if problems develop from failure to adhere to medical recommendations. However, any medications that will cause a false positive on your random drug test are not allowed.
  • What is expected of me once I am there?
    Recovery and sobriety is our first priority. If you don’t stay clean and sober, you don’t stay, it’s that simple. Beyond that, you must adhere to the following rules: 1) Actively maintain and participate in a 12-step based recovery program by attending at least 3 meetings per week. 2) Maintain a sponsor/resident relationship. 3) Submit to random drug testing. 4) Remain current with weekly/monthly rental fee ($150 weekly or $600 monthly). 5) We expect people to get along! Our zero tolerance rules include: no discrimination, no violence or threat of violence, sexual harassment, theft, sex on the premises and unexcused absence or violation of curfews. We insist on constant consideration and respect for others. 6) Completion of daily household chores as assigned by house manager (a well-run house is cleaned from top to bottom each day) as well as participation in weekly house cleaning. 7) Each resident is required to be financially self-supporting, paying their own rental fee and purchasing their own food. 8) Residents are required to work, actively seek employment, or be a student enrolled in an accredited academic or trade school. Those who are permanently disabled and on federal, state or local assistance are required to become involved in service to Jeffrey’s House or in the community. 9) All new residents will complete a 30 day probation to acclimate to the environment and to maintain the safety for all other Jeffrey’s House residents.
  • Do I have to complete rehabilitation?
    No, not necessarily. We will accept you either way. Some people go through rehabilitation while others do not. What is important is your desire to stay clean and sober. The rules and regulations at Jeffrey’s House, while definitely less structured than formal rehabilitation, is such that each resident does remain accountable for their actions and accepts the consequences for the choices they make.
  • What about curfews?
    Unless work dictates otherwise, all residents must maintain curfews of 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and 12:00 am on Friday and Saturday.
  • Can I get away on weekends?
    Residents are permitted to be away from the house overnight under the following conditions: 1. They have been a resident for at least 30 days. 2. They are current with rent. 3. They haven't failed any drug test in the past 30 days. All residents will be required to submit to a drug and/or alcohol test upon returning to the house.
  • Can I have visitors?
    Sponsors are encouraged to visit at any time during non-curfew hours (between the hours of 9 am and 10 pm). Immediate family members are welcome during these hours as well; however, the house manager must be notified in advance of any and all visitors entering the house. Friends are also welcomed; however they must also be active participants in a recovery program and must follow all house rules.
  • Can I have phone calls?
    There is a landline telephone for general use. This includes outgoing Long Distance at no additional cost. All incoming calls are accepted except collect calls. Consideration of the other residents must be taken into account with regard to length of calls. Therefore, no one should be on the house phone longer than 15 minutes.
  • What is the recommended length of stay?
    Each person’s “road to recovery” is uniquely different, so it is best to consult a member of the staff. The minimum recommended stay is 90 days; however residents can decide whether or not to continue their residency at the end of each week. Furthermore, if you are following all of our house rules, you can stay as long as you see fit.
  • Does everyone who fills out an application get accepted?
    No. Currently, Jeffrey’s House is not accepting the following 3 types of applicants: 1. Level 1, 2, or 3 Sex Offenders. 2. Anyone who currently has open warrants that they have not been to court for. 3. Anyone who has ever been convicted of the crime of arson.
  • What is Jeffrey's House refund policy?
    When residents move into Jeffrey's House, $450 is required and allocated as follows: $150 for the first week's rent and $300 for the last two weeks' rent. When a resident is ready to move out, a two-week notification is required, and no rent will be required for those two weeks. If for some reason the tenant does not give two weeks' notice but leaves, the two weeks' rent is forfeited. In the event that a tenant pays to move in but does not, a full refund is provided.
  • What is your customer service contact information?
    If we can be of assistance, please contact us at or 978.770.7288.


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